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Lexmark’s print solutions work seamlessly with thier devices to help you maximize the potential of your infrastructure and bring printing into today’s fast-paced, mobile business environment. With capabilities that allow users to print on demand, or even from their mobile devices, you’ll be able to equip your organization with next-level print technology that saves time, reduces costs and drives consistency.

Solution Part Number Minimum Memory Required Hard Disk Trial Available

Accessibility Solution

82S0087 256 Not required Yes

Users with disabilities can set up copy, fax, email, FTP and scan jobs directly from their workstation rather than requiring use of the Lexmark smart MFP touchscreen.

Accessibility Speech

82S0145 256 Not required Yes

Lets users hear messages about device status. User-specific messages can be loaded to override default messages, allowing for full customisation of the experience for each user.

AccuRead Automate, Process up to 4K documents per year

82S0917 1024 Required No

Use the Lexmark smart MFP to capture, automatically classify and route documents while extracting key information for file naming and indexing.

AccuRead OCR

82S0533 512 Required No

Create searchable or editable files (PDF, RTF, TXT) on a Lexmark smart MFP.

AccuRead OCR - eSF - e6

82S0984 512 Required No

Create searchable or editable files (PDF, RTF, TXT) on a Lexmark smart MFP.

Address Book

82S0799 256 Not required No

Manage the device’s internally stored user data, contacts and scan destinations (if supporting applications are installed) from the e-Task touchscreen or the embedded web server.

Background and Idle Screen

82S0218 256 Not required No

Make your Lexmark device uniquely yours by changing the background image displayed on the home screen or the idle or standby mode screen.

Bar Code Discovery

82S0083 256 Required No

Create and manage templates for applications that use barcode reading for indexing and other functions, including Scan to Network Premium.

Card Authentication

82S0830 256 Not required Yes

Keep devices and documents secure by requiring user authentication by ID card or security badge. Secure and compatible with Active Directory and other directory server platforms.

Card Copy

82S0245 256 Not required No

Capture both sides of ID/credit cards, print on one side of paper and save to a network folder. Hard disk not required, but offers extra storage.

Customer Support

82S0247 256 Not required No

Send email alerts to help desks or service providers to request support. Pertinent information about the device can be included in the automated email.

Device Quotas

82S0139 256 Required No

Allow the administrator to configure user level quotas for print, scan, copy and outbound fax on a specific Lexmark device.

Downtime Reports

82S0194 256 Required Yes

24/7 access to critical documents, even if the network goes down. Documents are streamed to the device throughout the day and stored on the secure hard disk.

Eco Copy

82S0229 256 Not required No

Control paper and toner costs with three eco-smart copy settings: darkness control, automatic duplex and paper saver, which copies pages multi-up onto one piece of paper.

Eco Settings

82S0228 256 Not required No

Change device settings to enhance environmental savings: Eco-Mode, two-sided printing, time to standby mode, time to power saver mode, screen brightness and quiet mode.

Email Size Limiter

82S0230 256 Required No

Limits email attachment size per destination, define up to 10 destinations, capture and separate large documents into single page attachments to ensure emails send properly.

Email to Self

82S0219 256 Not required No

Prevent users from sending unauthorised information directly from the Lexmark smart MFP to any email address other than their own. Works with Microsoft Active Directory.

Fax Forward

82S0156 256 Not required No

Forward incoming faxes to a Windows fileshare, reducing paper waste and improving the efficiency of document processes.

Fax over IP

82S0397 256 Not required Yes

Eliminate the need for a separate analogue fax line or fax card/modem. Instead faxes are sent directly from the Lexmark smart MFP through the IP network.

Forms and Favorites

82S0250 256 Not required No

Keep frequently used forms and documents easy to access. Businesses save money by eliminating preprinted forms.

Google Cloud Print

82S0134 256 Not required No

Print from Gmail and Google Drive from smartphones or tablets. Documents remain in the Google Cloud until logged in to a Google account at the Lexmark device.

Google Drive

82S0135 256 Required No

The easy way to print shared Google docs on demand, or capture documents and route to Google Drive for storage and collaboration.

Google Drive Print

82S0538 256 Not required Yes

A solution for single function printers that still gives users the ability to print documents from their Google Drive.

Manage Address Book

82S0146 256 Not required No

Allow the administrator to import and export email and fax shortcuts from CSV files, making it easy to keep contact data up-to-date.

Multi Send

82S0137 256 Required Yes

Capture and route a document to multiple destinations simultaneously. Documents are routed to email, network folders, FTP sites or to a remote Lexmark printer.


82S0227 256 Not required No

Create personalised shortcuts for frequent copy, fax and email tasks. Choose the name and icon, settings, email addresses and phone numbers.

QR Code Generator

82S0143 256 Not required No

Generate a Quick Response (QR) Code and display it on the device e-Task touchscreen, making it easy to find the printer on your tablet or smartphone.

Remote Copy

82S0226 256 Not required No

Scan a document on the host MFP and route it to another device to print, such as scanning on a mono device, printing to a colour one.

Scan Center

82S0969 1024 Required Yes

Scan a paper document once and route the digital image file to multiple destinations simultaneously: email addresses, network folders, FTP sites, fax machines, electronic document archives or other secure network locations, plus optional delivery confirmation.

Scan Centre Premium

82S0970 1024 Required Yes

Advanced imaging capabilities allow users to scan a paper document once and route the digital image file to up to 500 saved destinations simultaneously.

Scan to Hard Disk

82S0153 256 Required No

Capture documents and save them on the printer’s secure hard disk for printing on demand. Save documents in public or private folders.

Scan to Network

82S0191 256 Not required No

Capture a digital image of documents and route to a shared network folder with first page preview, and a print confirmation page option.

Scan to Network Premium

82S0082 1024 Required Yes

Capture an image of a printed document, preview the entire document, remove image defects, add or remove pages, route the optimised image to a predefined personal or public shared network folder and send a notification after storing the image file.

Scan to RightFax

82S0536 256 Not required Yes

Easily scan documents directly from a Lexmark smart MFP into a RightFax server allowing users to send and receive faxes to their desktop PC.

Scan to SharePoint

82S0085 256 Not required Yes

Enables Microsoft SharePoint® users to access the powerful array of tools to capture, index and retrieve documents, check documents out and in, with robust version control.

Secure Held Print Jobs

82S0375 256 Required Yes

Prevent the accidental exposure of sensitive or confidential business information by holding jobs at the device until an authorised user releases the job for printing.


82S0231 256 Not required No

Allow standard image files to be run as a timed slideshow on the touchscreen, transforming the display into an advertising medium, teaching tool or message board.

Solution Composer

82S0291 256 Required Yes

It all starts here. The foundational framework to create customised solutions and embedded apps for specific business processes on Lexmark smart MFPs.