Recycled Cartridges


Delivery DriverFirst Phase Data will pickup used toners within Winnipeg for recycling, when dropping off a delivery.

- For out of Town Recycling

If you have 5 to 30 used replacement cartridges — to return, then Recycling is a great option. We can ship boxes\labels free to your door in 2 options, boxes with labels or just generated labels via email.

Step 1: Order Boxes Or Labels

To order free Boxes or labels, provide your shipping information via Email to First Phase Data. Box\label orders cannot be shipped to a P.O. Box. Please be sure to provide a valid shipping address to avoid cancellation of your order please indicated what type of supplies your business needs.

Step 2: Ship

To return your Box for Recycling

  1. Fill Box to Maximum Capacity, any large box can be used, the bigger the better.

  2. Schedule a pick-up online or call ups to indicate that you have a pick-up request at your location

  3. Affix one UPS label to the outside of the Box.

  4. If you already have a regular UPS pick-up leave the boxes at the pick-up location. If you do not have a regular UPS pick-up, you can schedule one on-line or call UPS by calling UPS at  1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877)

  5. When you run low of labels or Boxes call First Phase Data to request more supplies or labels

  6. Feel great that your are doing your part for the environment.

Each year over 375 million empty ink and toner cartridges are thrown away with most ending up in landfills or in incinerators.

To put this in perspective the 375 million cartridges per year amount to disposal of:

1,000,000 cartridges per day
11 cartridges per second.
375 million cartridges put end-to-end would circle the earth over three times.

This mountain of waste can be reduced through reuse and recycling. Yet approximately 70% of all ink cartridges and 50% of all toner cartridges are still not recycled.

By recycling printer cartridges, we conserve natural resources and energy by reducing the need for virgin materials. Up to 97 percent of the materials that make up a printer cartridge can be recycled or reused if taken care of. Printer cartridges can in extreme cases be refilled up to 15 times before reaching the end of their life most though averaging between 5-7 refills. For reused/re-manufacturing cartridges the oil consumption is reduced to zero.

First Phase Data encourages returns of used items. First Phase Data strives to keep toner cartridges out of landfills and increase the number of cartridges that are reused and recycled. If you have questions or concerns about Recycling Box returns,
please contact us at 204-339-1796