Managed Print Services


First Phase Data Ltd offers a “Total Managed Print Solution Strategy”.  This flexible program is tailored to your needs as it is designed to allow your IT people to focus on important IT issues instead of focusing on print. We make it easy to outsource all or part of your print management process – without giving up any control or speed, quality or performance.  Best of all, you only pay for actual output and work with one point of contact – an MPS expert from First Phase Data LTD.

Managed Print Services starts with an assessment from one of our MPS experts. We will provide you with a comprehensive proposal with suggestions on how to optimize your print environment to save you dollars.

We do not stop there once you become a MPS customer we continually fine-tune your output fleet for optimal productivity and savings.

Benefits of a Managed Print Strategy Program:

- Cut costs on printing consumables and printer service.

- Reduce energy consumption through device consolidation.

- Reduce waste by ordering the supplies as you need them – no excess inventory, no "leftovers."

- Free up IT resources for more business-critical tasks, rather than installing, supporting and maintaining output devices.

- Ensure devices stay up-to-date through remote maintenance and lifecycle management.

- Control and forecast budgets accurately by setting your printing and supply costs up-front.

What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services is a program designed to allow you to focus on your work instead of focusing on your printer. Managed print services allows your printers to talk to our computers which minimizes person to person interaction. Your printers can tell us if it is low on toner, needs a maintenance kit or any and all service work.

How does Managed Print Services work?

Managed Pint Services starts with an assessment from one of our dedicated sales associates. From there, they will determine what kind of management is needed for your fleet whether it is a cost per page or transactional service. The next step is to install our software onto a printer that runs 24/7 so it can be in constant communication with our computers. The final step is to set a specific threshold on the printers which will tell our computers that it is time to order a new toner cartridge. This system is designed to not only save you the headache of dealing with the machines but also designed to save you and your company money.

Why let First Phase Data Manage your print Services?

Here at First Phase Data
Ltd., We do everything to help your company's print environment by dealing with EVERY aspect of printing. We value our customers most which means we will give you the best experience and price possible. We eliminate the headache of guesswork with our specially certified printer technicians who will for the right printers, management style and cost for your company while monitoring for any service work that needs to be done.