document solutions


From document creation to destruction, how well do documents flow through your business? First Phase Data Ltd can improve the flow, accessibility, and security of documents in your business while achieving productivity gains and cost reductions.

We offer total document solutions to fit your company needs. Whether your organization needs to scan, access, print, manage, or distribute documents, First Phase Data Ltd can offer solutions that will take care of business so you can get back to business.

Our solutions will help enhance your workflow, Through dialog with our customers; we will follow your work flow and we will look at:

- Automating Workflows - Paper intensive processes are assessed to identify areas of opportunity for enhancement.

- Managed Engagement – Our sales professionals will walk you through each phase of changing the workflow.

- User Training - User adoption is critical to realizing the benefits of enhancing the workflow. Training plans and post implementation reviews provide feedback regarding the user adoption of the new processes and technology.

- Support Plan - At the completion of the engagement, a full support plan for hardware, software, and user support is in place.

If your business is thinking about a Document Management Solution or has already implemented a solution and wants to integrate current technology, we can help you determine the optimal infrastructure for your needs. We will take care of the maintenance and support of the technology to ensure you continue to realize the benefits.

To see how First Phase Data LTD. can further improve your business, contact us today!